What is END-TO-END REGRESSION TESTING and why is it critical for your business?

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End-to-End Regression Testing


Warde & Clarke ​offers over 25 years of experience in delivering IT consulting solutions as the experts in Testing. ​

Our focus is now on delivering the most effective regression testing training in the world, so that your teams can safeguard your most critical processes and systems.  Sometimes even the best-trained professionals need additional support ​for large or complex projects.

​That is why ​Warde & Clarke ​offers ​a full suite of consulting services ​to support your needs.


Training is ​our core focus at Warde & Clarke. We believe ​that effective training of your team is the path to ​ your success.​

We ​strongly believe​ that training your leaders and staff how to identify and safeguard your business systems is ​essential for every business.

We provide you with the knowledge, structure and ability ​to execute the appropriate testing ​for your systems and organization.


With ​offices in Las Vegas, NV United States and Toronto, ON Canada​,​ Warde & Clarke serves North American markets with ​a ​strong understanding of ​policies and requirements that impact your testing programs.  

We are focused on providing comprehensive training and consulting.  Our unique Warde & Clarke approach,  ​enables your IT and business teams to identify business processes that are strong candidates for regression testing.  ​

 Proactive testing saves you time and money, compared to recovery from a system failure caused by an untested process.​



Learn how to work more effectively in today’s increasingly complex IT landscape!  This ​tool and system agnostic workshop is the first of a multi-part training series designed specifically for Software Quality Assurance professionals.

What makes our

Our principle began his career over 25 years ago focused on solving IT system problems with a focus on testing.Being exposed as ​an external consultant for many of America’s ​fortune 500 companies, we truly understand the complexities and challenges of being able to test your own systems. 

Having worked with over ​200 companies and countless projects, we have unparalleled experience in solving your testing issues and have applied this to our training programs.



We have structured the workshop to ​include over 60% active participation, working through real examples in a small group environment.  

We do not ​ present generic  PowerPoint slides to you, but instead take bespoke applied approach to teaching.  

We include everyone in our process with direct trainer support so that the knowledge is retained and can be applied by participants on their own systems when the training is complete.




​Because we only offer our training in person, with direct engagement of the participants, we find that our students supplement their learning experience with knowledge from the other students.

Our students are industry professionals and cross-pollination of knowledge regularly occurs in our training sessions.  

We love to include a variety of student backgrounds to our workgroups so that the knowledge they contribute is diverse.

Group sharing based on real problem solving exercises is one of unique approaches at Warde & Clarke.

regression testing whiteboard



After several days of working closely with your training counterparts and our skilled trainer teams, you’ll come away with a deep knowledge of how to think about your own systems from a regressive testing perspective.

We enable you to efficiently identify your most critical processes or systems and then devise the right parameters and test methodologies to secure these systems. Our objective is to train you so you can test your own system, not so that we sell you more consulting hours to test for you.

regression testing expert


We truly care about our customers and their success.

We started Warde & Clarke so that we could help our customers to be ​better ​equipped to help themselves when it comes to end-to-end regression testing. During our live instructor lead workshops we engage our customers to make sure that they understand the fundamental essence of what a critical process is, and how to develop a robust testing methodology to mitigate the risk.


Our training is based on direct involvement with us, face to face.  We strongly believe that training face to face enables us to deliver a more bespoke and detailed program, enabling more efficient testing of your system.  We work in teams to assess and design robust testing programs on real example systems, not hypothetical examples. We work through the process like you would in real life, to find a workable solution.  Our experience has shown that this personal level of engagement in the training process enables customers to far more effective testers for their company.   At ​Warde & Clarke, we do not believe that just walking through ​generic PowerPoint presentations ​delivers on our objective:  Creating better testers.


If you need direct support after you’ve gone through our training program, our consulting team is there for you. We offer custom consulting solutions ​to help work through the projects in your systems that drive your business.  We use small focused teams to support these needs, minimizing the disruption to your business and getting you results the fastest. We believe in only delivering the best!





 January 31, 2019